"Rosie" was inspired by the words and thoughts of Betty Reid Soskin who worked in the shipyards during WWII.  She was an original Rosie the Riveter.  Now she is the oldest working National Park Ranger at age 94.  Check it out: http://www.today.com/video/meet-the-nations-oldest-park-ranger-446563907764  And amazing woman, like Harriet Tubman, she should be on our $20 bill.
When I realized that Senator Rand Paul and I had a lot in common, I freaked.  He was against the DRONES - yeah! Me too.  He's a physician - so am I.  And we're both married to women from Kentucky.  I had to do something to distinguish myself.  He's not a songwriter.  I am.  And here's my song about the drones.


This is a poem about my favorite swimming spot in Wellfleet, MA


A lone lazy cedar shack
Shrouded in vibrant green
A puff of cloud overhead
Blesses the verdant scene

Placid water, placid mind
Invites the desires of a ready mind
Ancient water, ancient soul
I thank the glacier
That left this hole.